Give A Man A Mask, And Make Him “Healthy” For A Day. Teach A Man To Eat Healthy And Exercise, And You Give Him Good Health For Life!

At the beginning of March when everything was just starting, whether or not to wear a mask was still a question asked by many. As the next 3 months have gone by, there still isn’t a definitive answer as we continue to get conflicting information from the doctors in charge, the CDC and anyone else who wants to weigh in on the virus. One thing we know for sure (at least I hope) is that we can’t/won’t wear a mask for the rest of our lives.

Many will say of course we aren’t going to wear a mask forever, that would be foolish. My question to that is what are we going to do to prevent the scare of a virus, or other illness, from forcing us back into the masks?

Being in the health and wellness industry for 20 plus years, I have learned that there are amazing things that happen to the body when we take care of it. Most who have come to me for help are looking for the cosmetic part, however when they get into their journey they find that their overall health greatly improves. And when you add the benefit of eating more fruits, vegetables and berries, along with good protein, you most likely won’t go back to a poor lifestyle.

I have said it before, if wearing a mask helps to alleviate the anxiety of getting the virus, more power to you! I fully support you putting that mask on when you go to the store. Where I’m challenged is when I see that and then look at the grocery carts to see nothing but junk. That is where I know we aren’t sending the right message. Wearing a mask is basically a small bandage on a large wound. It does something but does not fix the underlying problem. You don’t have to go straight to vegetarian and olympic athlete workouts in order to reap the benefits. Simple changes to start can make a huge difference and you keep moving forward. When you do this, you will begin to feel confident that your immune system will help you to fight off anything that attacks your system. Is it a guarantee that you will never get sick? Of course not but it will do so much more than wearing a mask.

Until next time…

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