Have A Healthy Relationship With Food!

Food is a necessity in life. Our bodies are machines and all machines need fuel in order to run. Cars use gas and oil. We need food. More specifically we need fruits, vegetables and berries.

The problem isn’t that fruits, vegetables and berries aren’t delicious and nourishing. The problem is that there are so many other foods out there that are amazingly good but not so good for us. All these food together are what we need to have a healthy relationship with!

Too many times I talk with people that think there is something odd if you have a salad for lunch or a healthy protein shake for dinner. We tend to think that every meal should be a grand one. The issue with that mindset is you would never be able to keep your weight under control!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving meals! I start looking forward to Thanksgiving right around Christmas! I celebrate birthdays and special events with friends and family and there is always food around for those festivities. There are even many times I have a pizza or burger and really don’t bat an eye. The reason is that I try to make many of my meals and snacks healthy, and portion controlled. When you do that on a regular basis, you can indulge on occasion without guilt. Doing that without guilt is the key. So many beat themselves up over having a cookie and that just isn’t right. If all you are eating are cookies then yes, you need to make a change. But if you get to reward yourself with a treat, doing it and don’t feel bad!

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