Tough Day At Work?

Your work can be very stressful, am I right? I see people posting all the time that they just want to have a drink after their tough day at work. Why do you think “Happy Hour” came about?

I am hardly one to lecture people not to drink. I don’t hide the fact that I enjoy a good, cold beer. When you do things like that in moderation it is OK. I would challenge those with stressful jobs to get a good workout in before cracking that beer and see what happens!

I have trained many people who have challenging jobs and they manage their stress by hitting the gym after work, before going home. They may talk during the workout that they are going to have a drink when they get home, but realize the importance of a good workout. And I would add that many even find that they don’t want a drink when they get home because of the workout! You would be surprised how a training session can help with keeping stress levels down and even curbing bad eating habits. Not to mention exercise can help with better sleeping habits while drinking can have adverse affects on sleep patterns.

There are many ways to manage stress and, in my opinion, exercise is one of the best ways to do !

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