How Hard Is Too Hard To Push?

People have told me they want to find out their limits when it comes to exercise. I am a believer in getting results by challenging yourself and getting outside your comfort zone. To me, there is a big difference between getting out of your zone and pushing the limits and this is what I try to educate on.

I look at exercise as something that has so many benefits for health and well being that there is no reason not to do some form of it. For many, it comes easy and they don’t have to force themselves to get to the gym or out for that run. For others it may not be that easy. For everyone, it is needed.

The problem I have with the mindset of pushing the limit is that most of the time we don’t know what that limit is until it is too late. One step over the limit of what the body can handle and injury takes place. I’m not suggesting that injuries will never happen. Sometimes we just land wrong on the ground and twist an ankle. And, as I said earlier, we do need to get out of the comfort zone to get the most benefits possible. If you are looking to hit a goal, such as weight loss, injuries can push you so far behind that you might get frustrated and just give up. This is why I advocate challenging yourself and not focusing on that “limit”. So many amazing benefits can happen without increasing the risk of injury!

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