How To Tell If You Need To Find A New Source Of Information.

“News” sources today are a tricky thing. When you do a little bit of digging into many stories that MSM (or state run media) puts out there, you can find that many times they are flat lying to us! This should be alarming to everyone. If we can’t trust the news sources, we are completely lost. But there is hope!

There are many places you can get news that are somewhat off the grid but they have become more trusted than what we have been use to. I’ll give you my favorite at the end but I have compiled a short list of reasons you may want to change your source of news!

You only know of Ivermectin as a horse de-worming medicine.

You have not seen video of protest against mandates and shut downs in MANY other countries.

You still think that hospitals are turning aside gunshot victims for Ivermectin overdoses.

You think that ALL doctors support covid vaccines.

You still think that homemade masks will help prevent a deadly virus.

You think that Dr Fauci is the only expert on infectious disease.

You have not heard about the power of our immune system.

You don’t know that a healthy diet and exercise can help you fight disease.

You have not heard of natural immunity being just as powerful as a vaccine.

You didn’t see a black man attacked in broad daylight, by white people wearing gorilla masks.

You are wearing a mask, by yourself, in your car because of the virus.

You have gone along with the changing definition of what a vaccine does.

You don’t see the hypocrisy of the elite doing the things they tell us not to do.

You have not heard anything Rose McGowan has been saying.

You don’t find it odd that the people who are telling us that we have to vaccinate are the SAME people who, just last year, said they would never take a Trump vaccine…they are ALL brought to us because of 45!

There are probably many, many more reasons to find other sources of information but you get the point. A place I go to for the truth is The Gateway Pundit! My suggestion is to check them out, as well as others, and try to round out your information sources. You won’t regret it!

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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