People Will Reveal What They Think Of You!

I was told a long time ago that people will reveal to you who they are and what they think of you so pay attention. This is true for any company or industry as well. I had an interesting conversation recently that really made me think.

Fortunately when this happened, I just left mass so I was at peace. I crossed paths with a woman I had not seen in years. It took a couple of seconds to recognize each other and after we did, we stood a chatted for a few minutes. Of course, the hot topic of viruses came up and even though she never asked if I was vaccinated, she made it known that she is and she thinks anyone who isn’t doesn’t believe in science (I will cover that in another post).

What she went on to say was very enlightening, to say the least. She proudly said her son works for a pharmaceutical company (I won’t share the name but they do one of the vaccines) and they, within the company, laugh at people who haven’t been vaccinated. In fact, they say it is “culling of the population” for those not getting the shot. Interesting.

A number of things went through my head. First was what big pharma thinks of people. Apparently, if you don’t take their meds, you will die. Simple as that. Not only will you die, but they will laugh when you die because you didn’t listen to them. Now, I understand this was just one person but I have to wonder if that isn’t the feeling overall.

Second, as much as pharma is interested in science, they really don’t have an understanding of statistics and facts. Or maybe they just don’t care. Statistically speaking, you have a 99 plus percent chance of surviving the virus. And this was before the vaccine came about! The facts are even those who have been vaccinated are having issues, whether it is with the vaccine itself or still testing positive after being vaccinated. Maybe someone needs to make these companies aware of all this.

I have chosen to live my life in a healthy way. It isn’t perfect but I follow the science that tells me if I eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and get some exercise on a daily basis, I can help my immune system fight off all kinds of disease. Knowing that not everyone chooses this lifestyle, I certainly would never laugh at anyone who may have health issues because of an unhealthy lifestyle. One thing I would do is make sure I share as many facts about what a healthy lifestyle can do.

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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