We Can Take Back The Healthcare System!

If you don’t think this is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, issue, you simply aren’t paying attention.

Anytime you turn on the TV you will bombarded with commercials for diabetes medicine, BP medicine, high cholesterol medicine, just to name a few. We are not a healthy country and the pharmaceutical companies are there to help right?? Wrong! I’m here to tell you there is hope and it isn’t all that difficult.

What we are seeing happening now with the virus is another link to this whole thing. Make sure you wear a mask, social distance, tell on someone if they aren’t doing what they should be doing and just wait for a vaccine. That will make things all better. The longer we go without taking control of our own health, the worse it will be to get healthcare back under control.

Healthcare is important because it can be very costly, even if you are a relatively healthy person. This is why there is such a push by certain people in our government to “offer” healthcare for “free” to us. Make it seem like they are looking out for our best interest because they want all of us to be covered and have access to healthcare. They know that if the control of our healthcare is under them, they will control so much more for years to come and we won’t be able to get that freedom back. Again, if you don’t think this is a huge issue, you aren’t paying attention.

This solution is a very simple one. Politicians don’t want us to do what we need to be just a little healthier because if we figure that out, we will take the control out of their hands and that would be horrible! I have said many times that if you make simple changes in your lifestyle to start that you can make huge strides in your health. Going for a short walk, adding a salad to your diet a couple times a week instead of a burger and cutting back on soda would be an amazing start! Notice, I didn’t say never have a soda or a burger. As you go through this journey, these simple changes would add up and you keep building. If everyone who is wearing a mask would make healthy changes to their lifestyle, I could almost guarantee the change would be so great that we could take back that control! This is why we don’t hear about making these changes. While we are waiting for the miracle vaccine, make some healthy changes. That is taking responsibility and truly looking out for the health of your neighbor!

We need to take control back from the crooked, lifelong politicians who have slowly chipped away at us and put us at each others throat. I think it can start with our health!

Until next time…

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