Maybe We Will All Be Healthier!

Unless you have been under a rock for the last month, you know we are in some strange times! Actually, not knowing what is happening might be a more peaceful place. There is no doubt that what we are facing today, and how we handle it, will shape the way we react to many things to come!

I’m sure many would be “disappointed” in how I have been dealing with the self-quarantine. Of course, I practiced social distancing and CONTINUED to wash my hands. Yes, I said continued because if that is something that you just started to do, shame on you! However, I was one of those who went to the parks for exercise, causing them to be shut down for some reason.

But I digress.

I have heard many doctors talk about CORONAVIRUS and it seems even the medical industry can’t really figure it out. However, one thing the docs who are in the pressers seem to talk about is a vaccine. That is what we need to wait for. Is a VACCINE really the one thing that should be talked about on a daily basis? I don’t think so!

I have been blessed with the opportunity to take, and share, Juice Plus for 17 years! What an amazing product. Little did I know 17 years ago that I would be prepping my body for this pandemic. Sure, I saw all the research that shows my immune system was functioning properly, that it helps athletes as well as weekend warriors and it is essential in childrens health and growth! I just didn’t realize it would be my most effective weapon against viruses and disease. Yes, more effective than facemasks! Along with the nutrition, I have been helping people get to a better place with their fitness. Many don’t understand the connection between disease and obesity. I don’t tell people they have to be fitness models, but just keep striving for the best you can be!

I see more people taking their health in their own hands at this time. What a great thing to come out of this! We always have to look for a silver lining don’t we?? AND, I finally heard a doctor say that exercise and nutrition needs to be a the top of the list. Yes, look for a vaccine or a medication to help but if we don’t make those lifestyle changes, what good is it?

We can disagree on what everyone should be doing at this time but we should agree on one thing. There is no one in the government, or in the pharmaceutical industry, that can help us with our health more than we can! We should be doing everything we can to be healthier everyday!

Until next time…

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