Sometimes, You Have To Go Slow!

When it comes to losing weight and being healthy, this isn’t the favorite slogan. We want it and we want it now! On top of that, the fitness industry feeds into this. Too many “lose 20 lbs in a week” programs, or “lose that weight without spending time in the gym”. Who wouldn’t want that!

There is nothing wrong with getting an amazing running start at your fitness program. You may even start by doing something every day, and that is all good!

When you start thinking, ” how am I going to keep this pace up”, or “there is no way I can do this the rest of my life”, that’s when you have to re-think what you are doing.

Going slow, as research shows, can be the most effective way to not just lose weight, but, more importantly, keep it off! That is the key! If you are doing the right things with your diet and exercise, you will lose weight. You can do something very drastic where you lose it quickly, but most of the time, those people have a hard time keeping it off because they haven’t changed bad habits. That is always the key, change bad habits. You may have many bad habits that have lead you to carrying more weight. If you focus on changing one at a time, instead of all at once, you will have a much easier time keeping weight off. Habits can change, that is important to know. We may think we can’t live without that donut, or cake. But if you gradually cut back, eventually you realize you aren’t craving it as much and CAN live without!

Until next time…

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