Being Safe While Exercising Outdoors!

It’s that time of year when all walkers/joggers/cyclist get outside for their exercise. I’m one of them! I love to cycle but don’t like getting bundled up just to be miserable in the cold. The challenge is that so many who do not normally get on the road don’t know the rules to follow (I almost hit one of them this morning).

If you are walking/jogging/running on the road, you should be going against traffic. I learned this many years ago as a man told me to do that so I can see the oncoming traffic, as they may not see you. A while back I was driving to work early in the morning and it was still dark. 2 men were walking in the lane, with traffic, dressed in dark clothing and I almost hit them. When you are facing traffic, it gives you the chance to get out of the way.

When biking, this is something that gets a little more dicey. If you are on a bike, you are a vehicle on the road. You can ride in a car lane, but you also have to abide by the same traffic laws, i.e, stopping at stop signs/lights, signaling when turning… you get the point. This makes many drivers furious as they see cyclist as an annoyance. As with anything else in life, there are those who follow the rules, and those who don’t. I have said many times I totally understand the frustration of drivers when dealing with cyclists who don’t follow the rules, HOWEVER, until I see all drivers following the rules of the road it doesn’t hold water.

I like to ride the paved trails too. This poses another “rules” issues in that it is just cyclists, runners and throw in roller bladers. The rules are simple but there is a higher chance of accidents happening for many reasons. It doesn’t get any easier that “stay to the right” no matter what direction you are going. When I pass someone on my bike, I yell “on your left” to let you know not to drift. Many times people will just change direction on the trail without look if someone is coming and that can be a disaster. Being aware of your surroundings would eliminate 99% of accidents that take place. Don’t get me started about wearing headphones but I have written about why I love to hear the sounds of NATURE!

Until next time….

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