Wow! Are We Still Living In The United States?

How many more shortages have to happen until we realize our “leaders” just don’t have what it takes to run a country? What is really going on with baby formula and why are we running out of it? I was recently in a grocery store and came across the formula aisle where the shelves are mostly empty and when you raise the glass to get to it, a bell sounds! (see video below) Is this an alarm to let the employees know someone in the the baby formula aisle?? Just when you think we can’t go any lower, our leaders say “hold my beer”.

I have heard many say we are turning into a third world country. Hopefully this isn’t proof that it is happening. Nothing against third world countries as the USA is always there to help anyone in need. My question is who will be there for us if/when the need is there? If we can’t hold on in the United States, there isn’t much hope.

Until next time… #eatthedamnsalad

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