At Least They Were Responsible And Wore A Mask!

You may have read that headline and automatically thought “sarcasm”. Well, I’m here to tell you if that was your first thought…you were absolutely correct!!

Often, I wonder if people realize how silly they really look. I’m not just talking about wearing a mask. I completely understand there are people who are scared to death of getting the virus because of what is constantly being hammered on us through the media. Someone said last year that yes, the virus is real. How the media will treat it will be false.

I was in line at a gas station buying a six pack of beer because I had just paid my arm and leg for gas. I’m kidding, I was getting a coffee as it was 8 AM. Mornings are for bourbon anyway. I was third in line and the two in front of me were masked up. I noticed that as they were paying for their chips and packaged food for the day, they both bought a pack of cigarettes. After I paid, I went to my car and the woman sitting in the car next to me had her mask down on her chin so she could smoke her cig. Interesting.

This is the problem with what is happening across the world. We hear in the state run media that we have to mask up and get a vaccine in order to stop the deadly virus from spreading. Sure, you may say that EVERYONE knows that smoking is bad for you, and you would probably be right. The issue is that we aren’t hearing, at all, that we need to take better care of our health, on a daily basis. That will put us in the best position to fight off many viruses!

Unfortunately, at this time, the message is loud and clear. Wear a mask and get vaccinated. That is your only way to get past this mess! I have a different suggestion and that is #EATTHEDAMNSALAD!

Until next time…you know.

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