Yes, There Is A Virus Out There.

I’m tired of hearing stories from doctors and nurses saying they have had all these patients who didn’t believe in the virus or the vaccine and just before the ventilator is put on them, they BEG for the vaccine. The problem I have with these stories is there is no way to verify anything. And, more importantly after the last year and a half, I DON’T TRUST ANYONE!

I am going to make a declaration right now that I DO BELIEVE there is a virus out there! I have believed in viruses LONG before 2020, which is why I do the things that I do for my health. I believe a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and berries, along with chicken, fish, beans and legumes is going to do more for me to fight off MANY diseases and viruses than any mask or vaccine. I am certainly not advocating you not getting vaccinated. That is a choice that you should make when the time is right. However, I am saying that if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle to begin with, thinking that a vaccine is going to make that happen is not true. In fact, if you aren’t taking care of your health, you are more susceptible to disease and viruses. Hopefully healthcare professionals can agree with that.

As I have said many times, if we spent the same amount of time and energy educating, promoting and possibly monetizing health and wellness as we do illness, we would be MUCH better off!

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad.

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