We Need To Have A Public Debate!

Isn’t it time we make this happen? I think that people on all sides of the virus/variant/mask/vaccine issue should want this to happen. In fact, we should all demand it! This is a also a world issue and, as we are seeing here, the citizens in other countries have a big problem with how everything is being handled. If you aren’t familiar with the protests that are going on in Germany, Italy, Australia and France, just to name a few, you should find a new source for news. They are happening.

I was listening to a bio-chemist talk about natural antibodies of those who have already had the virus, saying that this has to be taken into account, as well as vaccinations. He went on to say that if variants, such as the delta, are similar enough to the original virus, our bodies immune system would see it as the same and fight it off if you had a vaccine that is effective or have the natural antibodies. Here is the important part, IMHO, of this statement. He said that for the body not to recognize a variant as the same as the original, there would have to be at least 20% change in that variant from the original. He said the delta is around a 1% difference. Oh, and he is being silenced in the media for saying this! Now, I don’t know if all this is true but shouldn’t the scientist be able to present and defend with facts, his findings? Aren’t we suppose to “follow science”? Along with this, doctors, such as Dr Fauci, will have the chance to present the findings of their studies that support what they are putting in the news. Actually, they should HAVE to do this. No choice. All of this will be evaluated by a group of peers.

Those who have evidence on mask wearing, both sides, should be able to participate. Don’t show me a picture of someone with a flatulence issue and say that when wearing a mask you won’t smell anything bad, therefore that proves masks work with a deadly virus. There needs to be sound research behind what you are saying. Again, show me the science.

The entire process needs to be put on every TV station and recorded from beginning to end. This will ensure “news” stations can’t put their own spin on the facts. I know I know, this never happens does it.

Sure, there is a lot to work out on this debate, such as who are the moderators (no, not Chris Wallace). Maybe we have regular ole citizens handle choosing who WE want to moderate and ask questions. It does need to happen soon. Our children deserve better.

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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