Since We Are Comparing This To Polio, Let’s Take A Look.

I just saw another post of an iron lung ward from the 1950’s and a quote that we need to remember this and get vaccinated. In fact, Dr Fauci said in an interview that if we had the push-back about the polio vaccines, we would still have the virus running rampant today! It leads one to believe what we are dealing with today with the virus and vaccine is the same as when polio first came about. I had to do a lot of digging to get some information to compare what went on with polio to today. Well, not really. It was a simple search that brought up a fact checked article and time line from Olga Aderedyko MD. This seems to be a good place to see what actually took place and make comparisons. And it has the blue fact-checked label to boot! Along with this, I took a look at what the CDC says about polio. Two sources are always better than one right?

According to Dr Aderedyko:

Poliomyelitis is a contagious infection caused by the poliovirus, which is transmitted through contact with the fecal matter or saliva of an infected person. Once the virus enters the body through the gastrointestinal tract, it multiplies rapidly in the intestines.

Not a pleasant description I know. The CDC goes on to say that with transmission:

Poliovirus is very contagious and spreads through person-to-person contact.

It lives in an infected person's throat and intestines.

Poliovirus only infects people. It enters the body through the mouth and spread through:

-contact with the feces (poop) of an infected person.

-droplets from a sneeze or cough of an infected person (less common)

You can get infected with poliovirus if:

-you have feces on your hands, and you touch your mouth.

-you put in your mouth objects like toys that are contaminated with feces.

The fact that kids put everything in their mouth explains why so many children contracted and died from this. And thank God we have so much better sanitation systems to dispose of all the fecal matter. I do wonder how much it is spread from sneezes, as the CDC says it is “less common”. What are the numbers for all this?

The interesting stats are that of the vaccine. You can read the entire timeline from Dr Adereyko (it shows the timeline is fact-checked), as I’ll give a couple of important points to compare how this vaccine came about compared to the covid vaccine.

1908 - discovery of polio.

1935 - Early polio vaccine projects

1948-1950 - Koprowski polio vaccine tests. "Dr. Hilary Koprowski successfully administered a vaccine of type 2 polio. HE CHOSE TO TEST IT ON HIMSELF AND HIS ASSISTANT after trying it on chimpanzees. They both drank the vaccine and observed no adverse effects."

1952-1953 - Salk polio vaccine trial.

1955 - Vaccination programs suspended. "When the U.S Surgeon General questioned the safety of the trial vaccine, all polio vaccination programs were brought to a halt. An investigation revealed that it was RESPONSIBLE FOR 11 DEATHS, and HUNDREDS OF CASES OF PARALYSIS."

1994- Polio officially eradicated in the Americas.

To be clear on what this country’s “leading infectious disease doctor” , who’s recommendations we are all following, and those sharing a tragic 1950 picture are comparing:

Polio is spread from contaminated fecal matter. Children are hit with this because they are more likely to put their dirty hands in their mouth and contract the disease. It has been eradicated by a vaccine that was researched and studied for at least 30 years, along with much improved sanitation regulations. The vaccine studies were halted because 11 children died from the vaccine.

There are many unknowns about covid as we have been told to social distance, wear masks, leave non-perishable goods outside after purchase, don’t shake hands or hug etc. Those with underlying conditions and compromised immune systems seem to be hit the hardest, not children.The vaccine is unproven, has less than 9 months of “research”, does not protect the person who takes it, does not prevent them from spreading the virus, can harm them and we have absolutely no idea if there are long term affects. There has been no halt in the administering of the vaccine even though there are many who have died and many more with adverse affects.

By no means am I saying the virus is not real, it is. The comparisons to polio and the polio vaccine are absolutely false and should end now. I did a simple search and learned so much about the polio vaccine and about polio in general. The leading infectious disease doctor should know all this and could have improved his standing by simply saying these two vaccines are not similar at all in the way they came about. Not a “fact-check” to be had or a “false or misleading information” tag to be seen on the comparison and we wonder why many are questioning what is going on.

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