Where Will Your “Solsbury Hill” Be?

When I taught spinning, I met so many people going through very different challenges in their lives. I also got to make many good friends along the way! Some were training clients who shared the difficulties they were experiencing either in their health journey or personal life. Others you could tell just needed the release of a good cardio class. Honestly, I was going to have to make some big decisions in my life that would have an impact on me and others. It isn’t easy to make those tough decisions and the light-bulb may go off in the strangest places, such as a spin class.

One of my favorite songs to play was Peter Gabriels’ Solsbury Hill. In fact, I’m listening to it while writing this! The song has a great beat and I could tell the class that we are going to be “climbing Solsbury Hill” and make it challenging that way! I never knew what the meaning was behind the lyrics, or if it was a real place! I just liked the song.

Peter Gabriel was with the group Genesis and had made the decision to leave and start a solo career. Looking back and seeing what a successful solo artist he is, it is obvious the decision was the right one for him. However, as with anything, it probably wasn’t an easy decision and he had to make changes for it to happen. Legend has it that Gabriel was at Solsbury Hill (it does exist, I looked it up) and had the realization that he was making the right decision. I’m fairly sure I’m making much less of what actually happened but I wasn’t there! :).

There are many things that can lead up to your realization about decisions you are making. It could be that you need to make diet changes for your health. Maybe you have a job opportunity that you aren’t sure if it is the right time. Whatever that may be you have to make yourself open to seeing the opportunity before you. Nothing worthwhile in life is easy! I talk a lot about making the healthy choice with food. For most of us, it is tough to make the right decision on eating. When your body is use to bad food, it craves bad food. The “secret” is that as we change eating habits to healthy food, your body will then crave healthy food! If your reason is solid, and you see what that decision is going to do for you, taking on that challenge becomes just a bit easier. For most, when you decide to make this change, you have to do many things in your life to ensure you will be successful in that endeavor.

Where is your “Solsbury Hill” going to be? Are you ready?

Until next time…

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