Your IMMUNE SYSTEM Is Your First Line Of Defense!

Nope, not going to talk about the virus that has everyone buying out the toilet paper. Why that is happening is a true head-scratcher. What I want to say has to do with something so much more important that you will want to work on even when there ISN’T mass panic going on.

Your IMMUNE SYSTEM! Let’s see a show of hands of those who actually focus on making their immune system function properly 12 months out of the year! This is what our media should have in the news every day. Instead, what do we get? Well, I’m not getting into that right now but you know 🙂

We are waiting on a vaccine that could take up to a year to get, for a virus that you may never get! Your immune system is something that is so much more powerful than any vaccine and you can work on feeding it what it needs on a daily basis to make sure it is functioning at a level that will fight off disease. I’m not just talking about that virus that is going around, but all disease! I completely understand there are those with conditions that compromise the immune system, however that doesn’t mean we can’t be doing all we can throughout the year to be as healthy as possible. I have said many times before, you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be consistent. We are fooling ourselves if we think anyone in the government, or in big pharma, is going tell us if we eat more plants and do some simple exercises we can do a lot to prevent disease. Instead, we get “don’t touch anyone”. I don’t fancy myself a conspiracy theorist but it is tough not to conjure up crazy ideas in your head when a big part of the answer is right there!

One thing I have learned from my 17 years with Juice Plus is that fruits and vegetables are not optional, they are a requirement. When we eat whole food plants, we are providing what our bodies need to be healthy. Again, not an option. We see commercial after commercial for medicine that simply puts a bandage on the problem when what we should be seeing is commercials to eat not just 5 a day, but 10-15 servings of fruits and veggies!

Be a trend setter for the next big virus! Flood your body with fruits and vegetables and see what changes can be made!

Until next time…

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