Sometimes The Journey Can Seem Like A Long One!

People in the wellness industry talk about “the journey” we are on when losing weight and getting healthier. For many, this can be a long journey full of ups and downs and many obstacles.

Often when I would talk to clients about what they have ahead, I can see that look in their eyes of “I will never be able to do this”. Sometimes, they even voice it! Just the word “journey” gives it an ominous tone.

Here is the deal. You can’t sugar-coat these things. Especially when you know there is a tough task ahead. If an individual is trying to lose those “last 10 pounds”, that can be a frustrating task but it isn’t overly daunting. When that same person needs to drop 100 lbs, that is a JOURNEY! And a journey that can seem like there are many mountains in the way.

There is no way to make this seem easy, and if I were to do that I would be doing them a huge injustice. They have to know from the very beginning that it won’t be easy so they can mentally prepare. They need to be able to talk to family and friends about what they are shooting for so they can have support, especially if those around them are part of the problem. I don’t mean that as a bad thing but most of the time we surround ourselves with people who want the same things. If you are overweight, you probably have friends who you go to eat with, and most likely it isn’t healthy eating. This doesn’t mean you don’t ever see those people, just ask that they support you until you reach your goal! You also have to start having people around that are shooting for the same goal as you! That means join exercise classes, join weight watchers, go to the park to walk (you would be amazed how many people you can meet there)…you get the idea. All of these things will put you in the best position to be successful.

The people that are successful on this journey are the ones who take these steps. Every journey starts with the first step and that is to decide you want to change for you.

Until next time…

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