I WISH I Could Eat Whatever I Want!

I like donuts. There, I said it! I get busted every once in a while eating one and usually get a comment like “I didn’t think you ate that junk” or “you’re probably going to go run that off right after aren’t you?” Yes, I sometimes eat things are aren’t healthy and, no, I don’t punish myself for that. There is one comment that does bother me and that is, “wow, it must be nice to eat what ever you want”. I don’t really get upset but it is a bit insulting.

I truly believe we all need a healthy relationship with food. There are way too many delicious foods that are “bad” for us, but we should be able to indulge when we want. When I say I like donuts, I don’t hide the fact that I will have one once in a while. And as I get older, that once in a while becomes even fewer times if I want to keep the waist line under control and keep my sugar intake down. But when I have one, boy do I enjoy it!

One reason I don’t like when someone makes that comment is that I CAN”T just eat what I want without consequence. There are very few people who can. I do a lot of good things, sometimes when I don’t want to, that allow me to have a donut, or pizza, when I want. Usually when I am having a treat like that it is because I have been very good with what I am doing and decide that I deserve it. I have found since I turned 50 (really when I turned 40) that things change quickly. The food I eat doesn’t burn off as it once did. And my metabolism may be a little faster than many because I do try to keep active. That is what many don’t understand. If you want a faster metabolism, you have to train your body for that. Yes, there is that person who can have pizza, burgers, beer and donuts every day and not bat an eye. Just like that 3 pack a day smoker who lives to a ripe old age of 90 without issues. These are what we call EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE! Click here to see what I say about cheat days too!

I know there are people who say we should never let that bad food touch our lips but I say as long as it is a treat and not your main source of calories, don’t worry too much. And if you see the weight going up or the waist expanding, take another look at how much you are taking in.

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