Be Thankful For What You Have!

I am an early riser. Have been for many years. I started a habit of getting to the park and walking while saying a rosary and other prayers to get the day off on the right foot. A couple days ago, I woke earlier than usual and headed out for the normal start.

When you do this kind of thing, you see the same faces as only odd people are really moving at that time of the morning. I say this becauseI know when there is someone out there who normally isn’t. Along with that, I rarely see a 20 something out at the early morning hours, unless they are just coming home from a night out. 🙂 Walking a few days age, there was this stranger, looking a bit out of sorts and limping while studying his phone. We made eye contact and did the obligatory head nod and “morning” greeting. I did my loop and came back around when I see up ahead he took a seat on a bench. As I got closer he waved me down and hobbled toward me. Showing me his phone, as if to make sure he meant no harm, he said he was applying for a job and couldn’t figure something out on the application. We both were trying to understand what was being asked, as it was just as confusing to me as it was to him. I think the coffee I had finally kicked in and I realize what the issue was. He changed to info on the application, hit enter and it was accepted. Mission accomplished! I got a fist bump and “thank you”, and I could tell he was truly grateful. We talked for a few more minutes and he said he was meeting with a counselor later to talk about work and how to move forward. My gut feeling was he was coming off something challenging and working to get things in order.

I have been through tough times in my life and, I’m sure, will go through more. So many times when I feel like I have the worst luck, or nothing is going right for me, I meet someone who has a bigger challenge and I realize everyone is going through something. Some are big, some not so big. One area I need to work on is being thankful for all the things I have been given and not focus on what I feel I deserve. I don’t know if this guy was having big problems but anytime you are up at 6 am applying for a job, you deserve that job!

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