FDA To Proposes Much Needed Updated Healthy Food Labels!

Better late than never!

From Everyday Health, the FDA soon may be updating food labels as to what is considered “healthy”.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed an updated definition for the term “healthy” when it’s used on food labels, to be more consistent with the latest nutrition science and the current dietary guidelines for Americans

This should have been done years ago as the research on food, and what it does for us good and bad, is well documented. Especially during the pandemic, there was little focus on actual health while all that was put forth is wearing a mask and get a shot. In fact, EAT THE DAMN SALAD came about as I was questioning why the health experts were saying wear the damn mask and close the gyms and not suggesting better overall health.

Nutrition is key to improving our nation’s health,” said Xavier Becerra, the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in the press release. “Healthy food can lower our risk for chronic disease. But too many people may not know what constitutes healthy food

Some of the changes, and reasons for the changes are:

  1. According to current guidelines, nuts and seeds aren’t “healthy”.
  2. Current regulations leave many struggling to identify healthy foods.
  3. Proposed labeling would set limits on sugar and sodium.
  4. Most Americans don’t eat enough FRUITS AND VEGETABLES.
  5. Diet related chronic diseases affect more people of color.
  6. 11 million deaths a year from unhealthy eating.

While each of these points are important, number 6 should be the biggest driver of making changes. While we struggled through the pandemic, you have to question why the “health experts” didn’t address this just as much as masks and shots. Makes you wonder why it wasn’t.

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