Let’s Talk About Our Immune System And Natural Immunity Again!

Follow the science!

That has been the mantra during this pandemic. Unfortunately, the only “science” to follow, according to the state run media, is that what the government deems legit. If there is one thing we should learn from history is the government is not there for our best interest.

This isn’t a condemnation on those who took/take the shot or those who wear masks on a daily basis. I understand where you are coming from as for 2 years you have been scared into thinking this is the only way to stay safe. What I say is do those things for your safety, not for anyone else’s. You getting the shot or wearing the mask is NOT protecting me, no matter what the state media/government says. We are getting so much more valid information from science, and that makes sense! We knew from the beginning there were many unknowns so why can’t we be open to new evidence on the masks and shots?

I understand people got sick, some very severe, most with minor symptoms. I understand people died from all this, and that is sad. What is also sad is new, relevant science is not only not followed, but treated as dangerous because it doesn’t go along with a narrative. That is not following the science. And I understand our immune system is VERY powerful and we have so many things we can do on a daily basis to keep it strong. A new study below shows just how powerful that immune system it. That is why I take Juice Plus every day and #eatthedamnsalad as often as possible. The science is NOT settled!

Check out the study from the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE here!

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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