So Many Healthy Benefits Of Coconut Milk!

I use coconut milk for many things now, especially in my smoothies as it has replaced milk for me. And no, you won’t be seeing me glue my hand to a Starbucks counter any time soon.

For me, getting away from dairy, specifically milk, was all about how it was affecting my body. I tried all the soy, oat and almond as well and none seemed to work for me.

There is a difference between coconut milk and coconut water. The water is just the liquid that is inside a coconut while the milk comes from soaking that water in the grated flesh inside.

Are you lactose intolerant? Coconut milk is a great substitute for milk. As I said earlier, I have tried them all and, for me, the others seemed to be too thick in texture. It also is full of iron as it provide 22% of your daily intake!

There are many benefits to coconut milk so check out the video from BESTIE HERE!

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