What Will We learn In The Next 8 Months?

If only we had a government that can admit mistakes and take a pause on what they are pushing. If only.

As we are approaching the 2 year mark of “15 days to slow the spread”, this would be a great time to look back and what we all did, what worked and what didn’t work. FYI, the list is very short on what worked.

With the low hanging fruit joke of 15 days to slow the spread, the closing of parks and playgrounds ranks up there with that insanity. Even in the parks that remained opened, there were arrows pointing in the direction we all needed to walk. Little did we know it was pointing towards a cliff!

I swim during the summer outdoors. That first summer the pools opened well after Memorial weekend and there was no pool furniture to prevent spreading of disease. Along with that you had to make an appointment and they were closed every 2 hours for disinfecting. Last summer pools were completely open when they realized the insanity of the previous summer.

Do you remember being told to leave your groceries in the garage for 24 hours? That “science” disappeared without much fanfare.

How about the evolution of the “vaccine”. I remember sitting in a restaurant and an elderly couple next to me were discussing how safe they feel since getting the shot. They were thankful for the “vaccine” so they could finally step out of their house. That is how it was sold. It then changed to it won’t keep you from getting it, but will prevent you from spreading it. When that wasn’t true it was that it would keep you from getting really sick, and possibly going to the hospital. It is scary to think where it will go next.

More recently there is the Johns Hopkins study about lockdowns and how little it really did to fight the virus. Don’t you think the leading health experts would have known that a long time ago? Again, funny how things change.

We all know what happens when you discuss any medicine that is shown to be safe for people and effective in fighting illness. I will just leave that one alone.

The real question is, what will we find out in the next 8 months? The next year? 2 years? Is it truly outrageous to question the safety of a new vaccine, especially when giving to young children? Can we honestly say there are no long term effects? Why can’t you even hint there might be a different way to go about all this without being labeled as a spreader of misinformation? We have learned how wrong the “experts” were in the last 2 years. Are we just going to keep following them blindly? Hopefully not.

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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