The Rolling Stones Were In Town And Showed Why They Are The Greatest!

Yes, we here at EatTheDamnSalad offer a full service of nutrition AND concert reviews! Of course, when you think of health and wellness, the first group that comes to mind is The Rolling Stones. Seriously, when you have 3 members at 78, 77 and 74 years of age and kicking off a tour, you are doing something right!

There are many reasons why they have been around as long as they have and can still fill a stadium. Who else but Mick Jagger could get away with coming to St. Louis, playing in the dome and saying there are a couple of celebrities here tonite, one being Stan Kroenke! Of course he was joking as he knows what is going on. He commented on the Cardinals and the win streak as well as all the St. Louis hotspots they visited. After a touching video memorial to Charlie Watts, The Stones went into hit after hit, really not missing a beat. Jagger jumped around like he was 65! Did I mention they are all 74 and older? And to top it off, when the lights went down everyone, whether you wanted it or not, benefitted from the second hand “medicine” that wafted up to the top seats. Whatever ailments I had are gone today!

IMHO, the biggest thing they did that so many other groups need to learn from is they just PLAYED MUSIC! I don’t know their political positions or who they would have voted for if they were citizens. They didn’t tell us what they thought about wearing masks or getting a vaccine. By the way, many wore masks and many did not, and everyone got along! Although, the above mentioned “medicine” might have something to do with that. I think The Rolling Stones realize we want to hear their music. We get enough of the other stuff every day and are paying money to get away from it all. My advice is if you are in Nashville, Dallas, LA, Vegas or any of the other stops on the tour, try your best to see them. You won’t regret it!

Until next time…You can’t always get what you want AND #eatthedamnsalad

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