Off-Label Drugs Have Been Used Long Before 2020! What Changed?

Staving off stage freight and controlling high blood pressure are two different things. Yet the same drug is sometimes prescribed for either problem.

Off-label drug use is common and involves taking a drug for different medical issues than what it is intended. From The US News and World Report:

In the US, 21 percent of all prescriptions are off-label, says Dr. Archelle Georgiou.

Obviously, they go on to say to talk with your physician for possible side effects or interactions with other medications. Side effects have always been a part of pharmaceutical usage as we weigh whether or not the benefits are greater than the effects. It is interesting that it used to be a part of our interactions with our doctors prior to 2020. Now, doctors are being hammered if they prescribe certain meds to treat the virus, or even speak about them! Crazy times indeed.

According to US News and World Report, here is a short list of some medications that have multi-usage and prescribed for different issues.

  1. Amitriptyline – Antidepressant AND reduces frequency of migraines.
  2. Aspirin – pain/inflammation AND heart attack/stroke prevention.
  3. Atenolol – angina/lower high BP AND stage freight.
  4. Birth control – prevent pregnancy AND acne
  5. Gabapentin – anti-epileptic AND stabilize people with mood disorders.
  6. Remeron – Antidepressant AND people who need to gain weight.
  7. Minoxidil – Treats HBP AND promotes hair growth.
  8. Sildenafil – treat erectile dysfunction AND hypertension.

What I find intriguing is that, while doctors have probably differed on whether certain drugs should be used for illnesses other than originally made, they have never completely shut down the talk of off-label prescriptions. And it seems it is only shut down if you go off course on the treatment of this virus.

Why is this important to #eatthedamnsalad? I am a firm believer that the more whole food we get in our bodies, the healthier we all will be. This is the only way to reduce the high cost of “health-care”. If we continue to shut down an “alternative” way to be healthy, or in this case to treat a virus, we may miss out on something that can save lives. The power of food to help our immune system function properly is well documented, however it does get silenced when big Pharma talks of medicines. And with certain preventative treatments for viruses, since they don’t go along with taking a vaccine, well, you know what happens.

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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