Enjoy Your Labor Day!

Labor Day weekend has always been a bitter sweet weekend, to a degree, as it marks the end of outdoor pool season. In the past, it would also be the point of going back to school, although now schools start well before Labor Day.

As Labor Day is set aside to recognize the working people, I find it interesting what is happening now, even just looking back on last week and what I saw.

Almost every restaurant I have either been in or walked past, has a help wanted sign on the door. Judging the service I received from the few I was in, it isn’t just a need of 1 or 2 people, it is a great need. And I don’t criticize the service from those in the restaurants, as we all know they are doing the best they can under the circumstances.

When I drove by an old stomping ground where I worked, I saw a sign on the front that they are offering a $200 signing bonus for lifeguards! Believe me, I fought to get raises out of this place for years when I was there so $200 is amazing! We have heard of the horrible jobs report, so people aren’t going back to work or taking these jobs. And on the news this morning, the talk was about the monthly payments ending that were implemented because of the virus. My question to this is, why are people not getting back to work?

I get it, we are in weird times right now. This year many places have re-opened and we need to get back to work. It is nice to get that check every month but we all know that can’t last forever, and it shouldn’t last forever! Enjoy Labor Day and hopefully next year we can all celebrate getting back to more normalcy and employment!

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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