When You Say “Vaccines Work”, Do You Mean ALL Vaccines?

I’ll admit that there are a number of posts I see on social media that “trigger” me now more than ever. I don’t mean triggered in the sense of I’m going to go screaming into my camera, as we see many do. There are things I simply have decided to ask questions of, as I did recently with the comparison made of polio and polio vaccine and this mess we are in. If you haven’t read that one, check it out here.

I noticed many posting on social media that “vaccines work”. Usually followed up with “get vaccinated”. Even though these posts have been out for a while, it wasn’t until recently that I started wondering what is actually meant by this. Do people mean that ALL vaccines work? I have noticed no one says THIS vaccine works, just vaccines work. And what is the definition of “work” in this case. This may sound strange but it doesn’t seem like anything is actually working. And how they defined how this vaccine “works” has changed drastically over the past 9 months or so.

In the past, when you got vaccinated for something, you were protecting yourself from that particular disease or virus. Most who received the flu shot, for example, were getting that shot to be “protected” against getting the flu. Same for small pox, polio and a few others. There never was a narrative that you get these vaccinations to protect others around you. Even when the vaccine was rolled out for this virus, I heard many say that they are so happy they are protected from covid. Obviously what they were told in the beginning is if you get the shot, you are safe to go outside and take off your mask. Somehow, this all changed and the meaning of “work” is that it doesn’t protect you from the virus. However if you don’t get the shot, you are putting everyone else in danger, even those who got the shot. As my mom would say….WTF. Kidding, she wouldn’t say that but my brother certainly would.

I bet if you dug into the history of vaccines, you would find that many, many more have been a failure than have been “approved”. And of those that were finally approved, I imagine if they were found to not be effective, or if people were having side effects, they were no longer used, much less mandated. This is what is so baffling about what is going on today.

According to the American Council On Science and Health:

The probability that at least one coronavirus vaccine will win FDA approval is quite high, THOUGH THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL WORK WELL.

They go on to say

However, a major caveat is that just because a drug or vaccine is deemed a success by receiving FDA approval does not mean it works particularly well. Why would the FDA approve something like that? Because there aren’t any good alternatives. For instance, neither the antiviral drug Tamiflu nor the seasonal flu vaccine are particularly impressive. But, there’s nothing better available.

We are already seeing that this “vaccine” doesn’t work well at all. The scary part is how they have been able to place that blame on the unvaccinated and continue to push mandated vaccinations. It is almost as if they want to eliminate having a legitimate control group.

Until next time….#eatthedamnsalad

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