Use Your Scale With Caution.

I admit it, I was one of those trainers who said “throw out that scale”. That was early in my training career(and well before I turned 50). While I don’t think you should obsess over the number on the scale, you need to pay attention.

I have heard the same excuse from people over the age of 50 as they find themselves needing to lose quite a bit of weight. The theme is they just didn’t notice it creeping up on them. Now, they were probably ignoring the signs right there such as clothes getting tighter, knees hurting and so forth. What I would suggest is that if they got on the scale once a week and kept track of that number, that would be enough to not let it get out of control.

Many people focus completely on the scale every day, and that isn’t good either. One thing I have found, as I do get on the scale every day, is that it can drive you crazy! Yes, I get on the scale so I can monitor what is going on but I also want to be able to see what happens so I can relate to people getting frustrated. There are days when I do everything as perfect as possible and the next day when I check, the weight hasn’t changed. When I say “perfect” I mean a salad, grilled chicken, a complete shake…you get the picture. I don’t necessarily need to lose a lot but it can get in your brain! This is life but there are too many that see that happen and simply give up, especially when they are trying to lose weight.

Like so many things when you are trying to keep your weight under control, or lose weight, is to have a healthy relationship with he scale. Use it so you know how bad you were over a weekend or after a holiday but don’t lose your focus if it doesn’t give the number you want. That will keep you on track to your wellness goals!

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