My CORONOVIRUS Thoughts…For What That Is Worth!

Let me make sure you understand that I think we need to take precautions with the coronavirus, just like with other flu strains. Yes, it needs to be contained so it doesn’t spread, I completely agree with that. But are we going too far? That is the question!

The media is making us believe this is the next apocalypse! I actually heard someone say that we haven’t had a pandemic like this since the Spanish Flu. Yes, you read that correctly and you can read about the Spanish Flu here. Are we really in that great of danger? I’m not a doctor or a scientist, but I have been around long enough to know the media tends to blow things out of proportion and people will go right along with what they say. The Spanish Flu? Really?

Just today, the Archdiocese of St. Louis said to stop distribution of the Blood of Christ at communion. Again, I understand precautions but here is my concern. About 4-6 weeks ago, schools were seeing anywhere from 15-25% of kids out due to the regular ole flu and this was never brought up. Why is that? We go through the flu every year, yet I have never witnessed the church doing this. Shouldn’t we be consistent in the message and, for precautionary sake, every year halt the distribution at church during flu season to prevent the spread? Or are we getting a little panicked here. Now, I know everyone isn’t Catholic but I’m sure we all have witnessed something along these lines in other churches, work and so forth.

I’m 50 something years old. I’m not getting worked up about this but I am taking care of myself so I can fight off not only the coronavirus, but any other illness that may try to take affect in my body. The bigger picture is what we are doing to the younger people in society who will get panicked. Would you agree that anxiety in our youth is, arguably, at an all-time high? Is this doing anything to help? I say , shame on the media for building this up to something that will most likely pass. Take precautions and use common sense!

Until next time…

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