It’s Healthy Diet & Exercise, Not Vegan & Crossfit!

So many people get intimidated when talking about getting on a health regime because it is force fed to us that healthy and fit “look” a certain way, and usually that is unattainable. We HAVE to push ourselves to our absolute limit, many times over that limit resulting in injury. We can never have a cookie and if we do have one, or, God forbid, give one to a child, we are a bad person. When they hear this, it is an immediate turn off and they go in the opposite direction. I have said for many years, you don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be a professional athlete and a vegan in order to be healthy and hit your goals.

Take your left hand and extend it out to your left as far as it goes…that is a vegan diet. Now take your right hand and extend it out to your right as far as it goes…that is the worst diet in the world. The space between your right and left represents all the other things you could do. When you go from your right to your left, you can make small changes that will give you huge results! You want to keep inching closer to the left but you may never make it all the way there. That’s OK! Not everyone has to be a VEGAN! I know vegans that would disagree but that is the truth. There are many diets that implement meat and are perfectly healthy! You have to find what works for you, as long as fruits and vegetables are a big part of it.

Now, with your hands in the same place, think of Crossfit/iron man triathlon and sedentary lifestyle. Again, you don’t have to go to the crossfit side, but you do have to get away from the sedentary side. Starting off with a 5 minute walk if you are normally sedentary makes a huge difference and you build from there!

I can guarantee there would be a great shift in the cost of healthcare if the sedentary lifestyle plus poor diet simply changed to adding a veggie daily and going for a walk, then building gradually from there.

Until next time…

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