The Fitness Industry Could Solve The Healthcare Crisis!

We have too many people in Washington who do absolutely nothing! They certainly like to pat each other on the back and talk about how smart they are, where they received their advanced degrees and so forth, however, when it comes to getting things accomplished, they are BIG ZEROS!

We are going to be given a big dose of healthcare in the upcoming election. It is so political that nothing will be done if it is left in the hands of politicians. That’s just the way it is. I have said many times that the fitness industry, and all those in it, can be the heroes in this crisis. That is, if everyone in the fitness industry can just get over themselves.

Here is what I mean. There are many issues that have lead to the outrageous cost of healthcare. You can say greed and corruption, sure, but the one I want to focus on is the epidemic of poor health in this country due to obesity, poor diet and lack of exercise. This is precisely where the fitness industry comes to the rescue. And there is good news! Making very simple changes in your lifestyle will do wonders to making your health outlook positive!

If we could just embrace the fact that, overall, very few people are going to go to extremes with their workouts and diet, we can solve this big problem. I trained a heart surgeon years ago, and something he told me stuck with me for all these years. He said if sedentary people would just realize they could improve their health simply by getting off the couch and going for a walk, that would make a huge difference in what they spend in healthcare. Here is the problem, in my very humble opinion. We have become an all or nothing society. If you can’t be a vegan, well, you can’t make healthier choices. If you don’t run a marathon, going for a walk won’t make a difference. There are too many people who try to change years of bad habits in 30 days, and people in the fitness industry push that. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying. We do need to challenge ourselves when we exercise. You will feel much better, and have a better outlook, when you push it. I have witnessed many people who started at the lowest level and made real life changes buy just pushing it a little more each time. For each pound you lose, you just increased your health and the fewer times you will have to see a doctor. The less we have to use our healthcare, the cost will just naturally go down and that is how we can fix it! Take control of your own health and don’t trust a politician to make you healthy!

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