Can We Put The Soy Question To Rest Please!!

I love my Juice Plus Complete and , YES, soy is one of the proteins in it! For years I have said that soy is safe as long as it is in whole food form and NON-GMO. Many studies that talk about how it is dangerous are using isolated parts of the soy, not the whole food. It would be the same as isolating vitamins from whole food, finding it is toxic in isolated form, and say don’t eat that food. Vit C, for example, when isolated is toxic in our system but we don’t day stay away from oranges. That would be ridiculous! Check out the video below from Plant Based Science London. An interesting point was that when it is “dangerous” for men, they are using 15-20 servings of soy a day! Who eats that much soy? Research can be good but you have to be careful!

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