I Am So Lucky To Have A Fast Metabolism!

I have never hidden the fact that I enjoy pizza or a good bacon cheeseburger. Add a cold beer to that and it’s a party! For good measure, I’m not an ultra-light beer drinker either. I actually like flavor to my beer, no matter how many commercials show athletes having that ultra “beer”.

Being in the fitness/wellness industry, I have heard many times that I probably don’t eat bad stuff. Or, even better, it must be great to have a fast metabolism so I can eat whatever I want! Nothing could be further from the truth, and, honestly, it’s a bit insulting.

While I do enjoy all the things in the first paragraph, I certainly don’t have those everyday. In fact, they aren’t even in what I eat on a regular basis. I concede that there are those who may have that fast metabolism and can eat whatever. They usually proclaim that loudly to anyone who will listen. These people are in a minority when it comes to metabolic rate. Most of us, when we don’t pay attention to eating healthy, will gain weight and I am no exception to that rule. A couple of years ago I noticed the scale inching up to a number I wasn’t comfortable with. I became upset with pants manufacturers because I thought they were making the waist sizes smaller! What I had to realize was that while I am getting older, I have to pay attention more to what I eat. Not to mention how important exercise is.

Do you want that faster metabolism? There is really only one way to get it. Eat healthier on a regular basis and exercise! Strength training is a great way to get that done. While this will work, it won’t happen overnight. Making it a part of your lifestyle is the only way to do it! While I may have a bit faster metabolism, it is because I have made that part of my life. Not all workouts are easy and many times I have to force myself, just like you!

Until next time…

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