Don’t Strive For Someone Else’s Perfection

When it comes to healthy eating and exercise habits, we sometimes think we have to be perfect. That idea of perfection is usually put out there by the fitness industry. Perfection should always be what we have envisioned it to be. If you are a runner, for example, you most likely aren’t going to break the record for 5k. What you can do is try to be a little faster than your previous time. Once we put aside what others think is “perfect”, we then can focus on what we want to accomplish and feel good about it!

Too many times I have trained people who have made tremendous gains, only to see them be disappointed because they aren’t where the fitness magazines say they should be. As I have said so many times before, fitness models are not necessarily the healthiest of people. We certainly want to strive to be better…I do that for myself! But I want to be the best version of myself, whatever that is that I decide.

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