Exercise Doesn’t Mean You Can Eat What You Want!

Or does it?? I have met many people who use the excuse that they workout to justify eating what they want. I’ll be honest, I have used this excuse myself! “I did 30 minutes on the bike, so I can have that Supreme Pizza”! It all works out right?

Depending on what your attitude is towards results, it is OK to use this. Now, I’m not endorsing eating what you want if you workout, but if you exercise to counter your not-so-great eating, go for it! I have worked with many clients who don’t understand why they aren’t losing weight until you dive into what they are eating on a daily basis. Most of us think we eat healthier than what we actually do. We remember the salads and forget the burgers. Sound familiar? Again, I am guilty of this too!

Here’s the deal. Most who start with the attitude of I can eat what I want, decide to try to eat healthier when they realize they will feel better when they workout, and on a daily basis, when they eat right. Also, teaching that you don’t have to change all at once makes a big impact. Do you have a burger twice a week? Start by cutting it back to once and making the other day a healthy eating day. Small changes makes all the difference!

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