How Much Do You Pay For a Treadmill?

This is the time of year everyone is looking to make a change. You may be trying to decide between a gym membership and getting your own equipment. I work with people every day helping them to make the right decision. Then I come across a $400 treadmill that looks like it’s a great deal, but is it really?

You don’t have to break the bank to get a good treadmill, or any piece of equipment, but lets break this down and see what you could spend over time.

There are a lot of buzz words/phrases used here that don’t mean much but there are also the important parts, such as warranty, tread belt, and cushioning. This is 5 years frame and motor and 90 DAYS PARTS AND LABOR! Sounds good doesn’t it, especially at the low price of $400!! This is one of those treadmills you may get a year out of, even if you only do some light jogging. If you intend to do some big time running, maybe 6 months. By that time the parts and labor is done! They are telling you right on the box they don’t feel confident in their parts. You do that over 3 years, replacing the treadmill, maybe paying for a repair here and there, and all of a sudden you are spending close to $2000 and you have a treadmill you most likely don’t even like!

Now take a look at a quality treadmill for under $2000, the Lifespan 5500. Starting with the warranty, LIFETIME FRAME AND MOTOR , 5 YEARS PARTS and 2 YEARS LABOR! Which one is going to last a good 10 years? Belt size is 22w by 60L. This is a big deal if you are a runner or taller and have a longer stride. Both have “space saving design”, which means it folds up. LSP5500 has a 4 HP motor compared to 2.5. There really is no comparison and we haven’t even touched on how it feels when you get on it!

I know many are going to go with the $400 treadmill. Many of you want quality but don’t want to spend a fortune. There are many options out there even if you want something that will keep you walking!

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