I Have Been “Red-Pilled” With Supplements!

I love The Matrix. An action packed movie to say the least! There is a great scene with the red and blue pill. Neo is given the option to take the blue pill and go back to normal, not knowing anything new. Take the red pill and he sees reality, but can’t go back. I feel like this is what happened to me many years ago, but it wasn’t easy!

I was introduced to Juice Plus about 18 years ago. Being jaded with the whole supplement industry, I didn’t want to take a second look. It took about 2 years before I finally did and I couldn’t be happier! Or healthier! I took the red pill when it came to supplements and the supplement industry!

Let’s face it, there is a fortune to be made with supplements. There is nothing wrong with making money, and making as much as you want. The problem with supplements is there is no way to monitor what is true and what isn’t. What products live up to the hype and which are just that…hype. What red pilled me with Juice Plus is a number of things. First is the realization that what we need to be healthy is more fruits, vegetables and berries in our diet. However, most people can’t, won’t or don’t get that. We hear all the time about anti-oxidants and supplements add them to their products. Anti-oxidants come naturally in whole food, which is why those who eat healthy foods, typically don’t get sick, or they recover quicker from being sick. This is important because our bodies are always fighting off illness and disease. If our immune systems are functioning properly, we can fight it off better! And guess what! Fruits and vegetables help the immune system! This is great news!

So why Juice Plus? Why not a “good multi-vitamin”? Understand the difference here. There are literally THOUSANDS of phyto-nutrients in plants and you can’t just take one part out, megadose it and make believe it is just like the plant. That is exactly what vitamins do. Vitamin C, for example is just VC while an orange has thousands of other nutrients that man can’t replicate. We are finding out everyday that vitamins just don’t work. Our bodies don’t recognize it as whole food. Juice Plus has over 35 independent studies that show it is absorbed and it helps with so many health factors! Click on here, Juice Plus research, to check it out for yourself! Many products pretend to have research but when it comes down to it they really don’t have it on their products. They use secondary research to push their product. All the research on Juice Plus is specific to Juice Plus products!

Become red pilled and ask questions! When it comes to your health you have to!

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