New Years Resolutions Started Off Strong…Now What??

As hard as it is to believe, we are approaching the end of January! So many healthy resolutions have been made, and we all have been working so hard to keep them! This may be the time when you ask yourself, “now what”? I have been asking myself that this year too. I want to make changes but I get caught up in doing the same things, to a degree.

A good friend responded to a post on Facebook about the benefits of swimming. He is a big swimmer and it opened a conversation about a masters swim. I have been a summer swimmer for a number of years as I go to the public pool when it opens. This is good for the summer, however, I miss it during the fall/winter/spring. We finally got to talk on the phone and he convinced me to try a masters swim. Now this will be a big increase in what I am use to in the pool. Lap swim is great but I get lulled into the tedious back and forth while attempting to implement kicking and so forth. With a masters swim, it is coached and there is that level of competition that will push me to get better. Even though it will be early mornings I am actually looking forward to this!

Here is a challenge for you, not just for February but for every month throughout 2019. Make each month something to try that is out of your comfort zone. February may be spinning month, March Zumba, April running/jogging…you get the point. You may want to take a month to hire a trainer to really get a good strength program! What this will do for you is get you to try other things and when doing that you get to see how certain exercises affect your body! I’m looking forward to the kick up in my swim and plan to document and share here!

It comes down to this. There are so many different things to do with exercise that unless you commit to trying these out you may miss out on something that you love and gives you amazing results!

Until next time…

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