Go For a Walk!


At a time when it seems that high intensity exercise is all the rage, there is one form of exercise that nearly everyone can do and that is go for a walk! Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise that you start at whatever level and distance you are comfortable. Make it simple by mapping out a course that works with your distance and time yourself the first trip out. That becomes your benchmark. Your next time out try to beat that time by a minute. As you feel comfortable with a faster speed, add a little distance and time it out. Again, the second trip out beat that time by a minute and continue on. Before you know it you will be covering a lot of ground and reaping the health benefits such as dropping weight, improved cardiovascular and overall better wellness. Add to that a healthier diet and you will be unstoppable!

We do need to challenge ourself when it comes to exercise but starting off slow and building is ideal to get a good foundation and avoiding injury.

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