What is Your Motivation?


What gets you out of bed in the morning to get to the gym or put your running shoes on? This is going to be different for almost everyone. Some are looking to lose weight, get ready for a wedding or trip, have health issues that requires them to exercise or training for an event. Whatever that reason may be, make sure you are doing this for YOU! If you are trying to get in shape for someone else you will probably get de-motivated fast. People think they have your best interest in mind when making comments or suggestions for your fitness. The truth is you need to want to be healthy and fit for yourself. This is the only way to ensure you will stick with a program for the amount of time it will take to get to your goals.

Write down what motivates you and why you want to keep exercising and eating healthy. Put that somewhere that you will see it everyday. When we write things down it makes it a little more personal to you and it tends to hold you accountable for that. This is a journey and to keep motivated makes it a little easier!

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