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Exercise is something we all know we should be doing on most days. Depending on what source you have the amount of time could be between 30 – 60 minutes, and we all know the gym rats who spend every minute of their time working out and have 4% body fat.
The health benefits we get from exercise are well known such as heart health, weight loss/control and higher bone density just to name a few. One thing we have to find is a balance between the time we spend exercising and time we spend on other things such as family. This can be tricky because if 30 minutes of exercise is good for you then 2 hours in the gym must be great right? I always teach my clients that what you see in fitness magazines isn’t always reality and what it takes to get there does not equate to being healthier. There is a threshold of how much time will give you the most benefits from exercise, meaning more is not always better! That 30-60 minute mark is a good range to look at and I am a fan of something is better than nothing so if you have 15 minutes use it as opposed to saying “I don’t have 30 minutes so it won’t do me any good”. The key to this time period is getting your heart rate in the right range and lifting weights that are challenging to your muscles. This can be a game changer to get you past plateaus! Check out my youtube channel for tips, just search Jeff Bettag.

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