Is there a “cure” for cancer?

We absolutely need to keep searching for a cure for cancer. Unfortunately, there are probably few people who have not been affected by the disease or have a loved one who has. We know so much more today about what are some of the causes of cancer but it seems there are always more and more things that can contribute to cancer.
One thing we do know is a healthy diet is essential to our overall health. Research is showing powerful antioxidants in fruits, vegetables and berries that give our bodies what it needs to fight off all disease, not just cancer. When we eat we should be thinking, “is this building me up or breaking me down”. Think about how many superfoods there are out there, and I truly believe every food is a superfood is some way. One food is not going to do it all, that is why we hear to eat the rainbow. Different color foods give us different nutrients.
While searching for that cure is a great idea, we all can do things on a daily basis to fight cancer. Eat your way to better health!

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