Healthcare is expensive!!

Newsflash!  The issue of healthcare is in the news!  You see, people are arguing on how to make healthcare affordable and who can do that the best.  It is pitting politician against politician and I know this may just sound crazy, but even though there are all these educated politicians involved, things are a big mess.  

There is really only one way to make healthcare affordable right now and that is to take care of yourself.  You have that ability and responsibility.  Keeping your weight under control is so important and eating right and exercising are the only way to do it.  This doesn’t mean spending all your spare time in the gym but exercise on a regular basis is what it takes.  Eating right doesn’t mean being a vegan but getting those fruits and vegetables in our system is vital.  Most of us don’t get what we need so Juice Plus is a way to bridge that gap between what we eat and what we need to eat.  It does not replace a healthy diet but is an insurance policy for it.  And when you compare the cost of health insurance to the cost of Juice Plus, well, there really is no comparison. 

Do the right thing now.

Until next time…

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