It’s all McDonald’s fault!

Fast food is all around us today.  You can’t drive down the street without being able to drive-thru somewhere and getting a quick “meal”.  I say “meal” because these are typically calories only, no nutritional value.   It’s no wonder there is a problem with weight and health in this country.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is not the fault of the fast food industry but our own fault.

In the past I have talked about taking responsibility.  This falls right into that category.  When I was growing up my mom would take us to Burger Chef!  Yes, I am showing my age by talking about Burger Chef, but that was the place to go.  He made a pretty darn good burger with his side kick Jeff (I always thought that was cool).   Here is the difference.  We rarely went there so when we did get to go it was a big deal.  Going to McDonalds now is an everyday occurrence for some and have you heard where some McDonalds are putting in a THIRD drive-thru window!!  I will say that it is NOT McDonalds fault, rather ours.  We don’t have to go and get the fast food, we make that decision.  McDonalds isn’t opening restaurants because no one is going there.   They open restaurants because there is a necessity.

We really need to break this chain and it all starts with taking responsibility.  You can start today!

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