Eat your fruits, vegetables, beans and berries!

There is no way of getting around this.  We put gas in our cars to make them run, and our bodies also need fuel, the right fuel.  We have fooled ourselves into thinking the so called food we get from a drive through is the right stuff.  Man made “food” is not the right fuel for our bodies and we are learning that the hard way.

The nutrition that is in things that are grown is what we need.  Man cannot replicate that.  There are far too many nutrients in an apple, for example, for us to even think we could replicate that in a lab.  And we need a wide variety of these foods to get everything we need.   We should be getting between 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  This is such a challenge for the most dedicated of healthy eaters.  

I have found a way to bridge that gap.  You have heard me talk about Juice Plus.  17 fruits, vegetables and whole grains everyday for about  $1.50/day.  This doesn’t take the place of a healthy diet but it does give me the peace of mind knowing if I can’t get what I need there is an insurance policy, so to speak.  You can check this out at or message me here if you have any questions.

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