Balance issues?

As we get older, our balance, or lack of, can be the difference between a little stumble or a broken hip.  There is a simple reason for balance becoming more of an issue and I am going to give you some pointers that will be so much more beneficial than simply standing on one leg.  

The real reason people lose their balance as they get older is because leg strength diminishes.  Getting on a leg press machine or learning to do squats properly are going to help with that leg strength and, in turn, improve your balance.  Using an exercise bike and putting good resistance on will also give you strong legs.  Think about it, we constantly lose our balance but when we are younger our legs are still strong and we are able to catch ourselves before we fall.  Even if we do fall we have more muscle around the bone to cushion the blow.  As we age, if we don’t do resistance work, the muscle will deteriorate and that is when we have problems.  There is a right way to work these muscles so let me know if I can help.

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