Celery–an unsung hero

Celery isn’t flashy like blueberries or the acai berry.  It doesn’t crave the attention of the avocado.  However, just because celery is humble does not mean it isn’t beneficial.

It can help lower blood pressure, can reduce the “bad” cholesterol and can help to regulate our bodies alkaline balance.  There is magnesium in celery to help in stress relief.  Since it has few calories it makes  the perfect snack for those trying to lose weight.  It can also help to combat cancer.    And then there is the fiber for regularity.  

So why fight it.  It is simple to clean, cut up and have a bag in your refrigerator that you can grab a handful when you are in a rush and need something crunchy.  Wrap a piece of deli meat around the stalk to add some protein or fill it with tuna salad.  Great stuff that is there for your health.

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