Do you really want to lose weight?

This is the question we have to ask ourselves in order to successfully lose pounds.  How serious am I?  What am I willing to do?  Do I need to seek assistance and be teachable?  

Once we get past all those excuses about why we can’t lose the weight, everything seems to fall into place.  A number of years ago I trained a woman for 2 sessions and she quit after those 2 sessions.  Now I can tell you that what I taught her had nothing to do with not exercising after 2 workouts.  5 months later she set up another appointment and we sat down again to discuss what she needed to do.  She told me when she first came to me she wasn’t ready and now she was.  She was teachable and did what I told her she needed to do and the weight came off.  

We spend too much time kidding ourselves and thinking all we eat are salads and fish, work out all the time and just can’t lose weight.  There are those who have issues going on and need more than just exercise.  The vast majority need to make changes in diet and exercise and will see results.  Are you ready to stop kidding yourself?

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