Halloween candy for breakfast!

Did you do this??  So much candy was given out during Halloween and guess what, it wasn’t even over and the stores were changing over to Christmas treats!   We talk all the time about how to get through these weeks ahead.  There really is no easy solution but there is a way to do it and I’m going to share a secret with you.  It’s a secret that I try every year to reveal and, unfortunately, all the big candy companies do their best to silence me.   You see, they know if I get this secret out to everyone, and get you all to believe in yourselves and what you are capable of doing that their sales would decrease dramatically,  thats how powerful this secret is.  In order to get this secret, all you need to do is make 5 easy payments of …just kidding!

Here is the secret and it is very easy as well as being very difficult.  I mentioned believing in yourself and what you are capable of doing, or not doing.  The candy companies and the stores that carry all this candy have made the year into one big transition from one candy holiday to the next.  The secret is we don’t have to buy Halloween candy in early September.  We don’t have to start buying Christmas candy now or Valentine candy on January 1.  Too many people buy it thinking they will have it put away until that holiday.  It’s a good thought but usually even someone with the strongest will power will tear into a bag at some point. 

A strategy used for weight loss is that when you go grocery shopping, if you don’t buy the cookies and ice cream, it won’t be in your house and you won’t be tempted.  The same holds true here.  The only reason candy is put on the shelf so far in advance of a holiday is because we buy it.  It is no ones fault but our own because if we didn’t buy it there would be no reason to stock it so early.  

There you have it.  Simple but difficult right?  You have that will power not to make the purchase, I know you do!

Until next time…

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